Professional Advocacy

Get involved!

If you want to get involved in NBCC’s advocacy efforts for counseling, please email your suggestions and comments to

NBCC actively promotes the counseling profession and credential holders on national and state levels. Advocacy efforts include profession-specific activities such as the Client Rights and Responsibilities, a poster published jointly with Chi Sigma Iota. NBCC also publishes a book, Counselor Preparation: Programs, Faculty, Trends, which provides specific information to individuals interested in the counseling profession.

Please click here to view information about the advantages of national certification. To further assist certificants in understanding the benefits of becoming nationally certified, please review the information posted on this page.

NBCC actively participates in coalitions addressing professionally relevant issues. One example is the Fair Access Coalition on Testing (FACT), a nonprofit organization of which NBCC is a sustaining member. FACT works to ensure that members of the public have access to qualified test professionals.

NBCC advocacy also includes government relations work. NBCC employs a lobbyist and maintains an office in Alexandria, Virginia, in order to support continued lobbying efforts.

Government relations activities include the following:

  • Implementation of the law authorizing the employment of counselors by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Advocating to obtain a federal government Occupational Series for counselors to ensure full and equal employment by federal agencies
  • Working with Congress and the administration to provide government funding for school counselors who have received national certification through NBCC
  • Lobbying to remove the referral and supervision requirements for counselors providing TRICARE services
  • Advocating for Medicare recognition of counselors

Additionally, NBCC offers guidance and support to leaders and individuals on specific state initiatives and also provides targeted outreach on critical advocacy issues.