Selected NBCC & Affiliates Staff

Dr. Thomas W. Clawson
President and CEO

Shawn O'Brien
Chief Operating Officer

J. Monique Boyd
Chief Financial Officer

Sherry Allen
Executive Director, NBCC Foundation

David Bergman
Vice President-Legal and External Affairs/Chief Legal Officer

Wendi Schweiger
Vice President, NBCC International

Andreea Szilagyi
Vice President, NBCC International

Patricia Cates
Vice President, Center for Credentialing and Education

Kristi McCaskill
Associate Vice President of NBCC

J. Scott Hinkle
Director of Professional Development

Katrina Gooch
Director of Human Resources

Bob Henegar
Director of Information Technology

Jim Dilda
Senior Facilities Administrator

Jolie Long
Executive Project Coordinator

Pamela Leary
NBCC Archivist

Michelle Gross
Director of Certification Services

Rita Maloy
Director of Contracted Services, Center for Credentialing and Education

These staff members and over 50 more can be reached at