Special Accommodations

Examination administration sites are selected with access for candidates with physical disabilities. If you require special assistance from other individuals, such as readers or recorders, you must request permission from NBCC for the admittance of an assisting individual at the examination site. This request must be made in writing at the time of application.

If you cannot participate in the examination on Saturday for religious reasons, send a written request with your application to arrange for a special administration of the NCE on the Friday immediately preceding or the Monday immediately following the scheduled administration date.

Four hours are scheduled to take the NCE. If additional time is necessary because of special needs or because English is a candidate's second language, you may request a time extension. This request must be submitted in writing with your application.

Click here to email NBCC's Examinations Department concerning Special Accommodations. All requests for special accommodations are reviewed individually and are subject to NBCC approval.