Interactive Code of Ethics

NBCC applicants and certificants are responsible for ensuring that their behavior adheres to the standards identified in the NBCC Code of Ethics. The NBCC Code of Ethics is available in a downloadable PDF version and a searchable Internet version. In the Internet version, certain items are highlighted in blue. These items provide supplemental definitions. This additional information is intended to be helpful; it does not replace or alter the directives listed in the Code of Ethics.

Also available for download is NBCC's policy regarding The Provision of Distance Professional Services. This policy identifies the specific actions NBCC applicants and certificants must take when providing distance services. The NBCC Ethics Case Procedures and the NBCC Certification Eligibility Policy-Ethics are also available for review. Applicants and certificants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these policies and procedures.

Applicants who are the subject of current or previous legal, criminal or disciplinary matters are required to provide this information at the time of application. Applicants who have disclosures should follow the instructions listed in the application. This includes the provision of a complete, detailed written statement and final disposition documentation. Examples of this documentation are available on this page. All applicants and certificants are required to provide a written disclosure to NBCC in the event that they become the subject of a legal, criminal or disciplinary matter. This written disclosure must be submitted to NBCC within 60 days of the individual becoming aware of the charge or complaint.