Methods for Earning Continuing Education Credit

The following is a list of the approved methods for earning or claiming continuing education credit for recertification of NBCC credentials. Also listed is any limit or restriction on the number of clock hours permitted for each method.

Contact Hour Verification Form

For NCCs who attend events where no certificate of attendance is provided by the sponsor or where the cost of the certificate is considered to be excessive, you may substitute the form below. Note that you will need either the sponsor or a professional colleague to complete the form for you. Download the Contact Hour Verification Form.

College or University Courses
No clock hour limit.
Courses may be audited. Transcript, grade report, or verification form required for documentation.
Seminars, Workshops, or Conferences
No clock hour limit.
Certificate, verification form, or letter verifying attendance required for documentation.
Publication/Presentations/New Program Development
Limit of 20 clock hours for this entire category.
  • Publication activities are limited to articles in referred journals, a chapter in an edited book, or a published book. Required documentation for publication credit is a copy of the cover page of the article or book. For the chapter in an edited book, include a copy of the table of contents.
  • Presentations may be used only once in a five-year period. Only actual presentation time may be counted. This option is for presentations that were developed in previous five year cycles but presented in the current one. A letter from the sponsor or professional colleague, and a summary of the evaluations from the events are required documentation.
  • New Program Development includes a new course, seminar, workshop, or community program development. New courses may be graduate or undergraduate but must be at regionally-accredited colleges or universities. Documentation must include a new course proposal and syllabus or a letter from the department chair. New school, hospital, or agency in-service programs, hospital mental health team designs, or extensive community outreach systems may also be submitted. All such submissions must include documents, dated proposals, and supporting materials.
Limit of 45 clock hours.
List the dates for which credit was granted by your college or university for work done toward the completion of your dissertation. List the title of your dissertation and the name of your college or university. A copy of the transcript or title page of the dissertation is required for documentation.
Limit of 25 clock hours.
Recertification credit can only be granted for supervision/consultation received on a regular basis with a set agenda. Recertification credit cannot be granted for supervision which you provide to others. List the start and end dates of the period in which the supervision occurred. Under supervision, list the site where supervision was provided. List the name of the supervisor. A letter from the supervisor is required for documentation. Supervision for academic credit should be listed under coursework. A maximum of 45 contact hours can be granted in a five-year period for supervision taken for academic credit. This supervision must appear on your transcript or grade report.
Limit of 20 clock hours.
List the start and end dates of the period in which the leadership occurred. Under leadership list the names of the organization. Name the position held. The following leadership positions are acceptable for recertification credit: Officers of state or national counseling organization; editor of professional counseling journals; member of state counseling licensure/certification board; member of a national counselor certification board; member of a national ethics disciplinary review committee rendering licenses,; certification or professional membership; active member of a counseling committee producing a substantial written product; chair of a major counseling conference or convention; other leadership positions with justifiable professional learning experiences. The leadership positions must take place for a minimum of one year after the date of first certification. A letter from the organization with the dates and type of service is the required documentation.
Home Study Continuing Education
No clock hour limit.
NCCs are allowed to take all or any portion of the 100 required continuing education clock hours through home study programs. The same standards for selecting live programs apply to selecting home study programs. That is, they do not have to be NBCC approved, but they must meet NBCC guidelines for continuing education.
Unrelated Programs
Limit of 20 hours.
NBCC allows NCCs to claim up to 20 hours of continuing education that do not meet the guidelines as long as the NCC submits proof of attendance plus a written statement regarding how the activity assists them in their direct service of their clients. Examples include: language courses, software training, medical topics, etc.