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This list of preparation materials is for your convenience and includes our own preparation guides as well as paid advertisements from other study programs.

NBCC Official Preparation Guides

NBCC develops and distributes examination study guides to help you become more familiar with the content areas and both general and specific types of questions that comprise the counseling examinations.


  • Has five clinical simulation problems (the actual examination has 10) developed and reviewed by content experts in the area of clinical mental health counselin.g
  • Cost: $44.95 from our online store.
  • Please note that this preparation guide is intended to be used for the current form of the examination. A guide for the new format is under development. Please refer to the timeline for the transition to the new format at NCMHCE to ensure that you are purchasing the correct study guide.


  • The NCE preparation guide is undergoing updates and will be available for purchase again soon.

The following preparation materials are available from other providers who have paid to advertise their products here. NBCC does not endorse or otherwise support the products, services, or communications of other organizations, businesses, or individuals, including the information provided in these advertisements.

NCE Practice Exam & Flash Card Study - Guaranteed to Pass or Money Back

Includes 800 questions with fully explained answers. Can be used with smartphones, tablets, and computers. Complements all other study materials. Pass or get your money back—guaranteed. Updated for 2022. Free, new question updates in real time.

Written by:

Diane Dean, MA, LPC, RN-BC — Diane is a licensed professional counselor and educator with over 20 years’ experience in health care. She has taught at many colleges and universities, including the University of Pittsburgh.

Stacy Fruhling, NCC, MAC, LCPC, LCADC — Stacy is an adjunct professor in psychology and counseling at Anne Arundel Community College and the Community College of Baltimore County.

Lisa Slade, MS, NCC, LPC — Lisa is an adjunct professor in psychology, counseling, sociology, and human services at Caldwell University in the Graduate School of Psychology, at the University of Bridgeport, and at Housatonic Community College.

What’s Included:

  • Practice exams
  • Flash card study system
  • Exam review
  • 50-state guide


  • $49.95
  • Lifetime use. No renewal fees. No time limit. Free updates.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or money back

Get BOTH Formats Instantly:

  • Online—instant scoring, review, and reporting.
  • Printable eBook (PDF)—instant download.

Order or Try Now

To order: www.tests.com/NCE-National-Counselor-Practice-Exam

Free sample: www.tests.com/practice/NCE-Practice-Exam

NCMHCE Practice Exams & Flash Card Study – Guaranteed to Pass or Money Back

Includes 500 questions with fully explained answers for use with all your devices. Complements all other study materials. Updated for 2022 with the new NCMHCE test format with case studies. Free, new question updates in real time.

Written by:

Joanne Fortune, LMHC – An adjunct counseling professor at Mercy College who assists students in preparation for board certification.

Jenny Preffer-Davis, RN, NCC, ACS, LMHC – A professor in the Graduate Counseling Department at Grace College.

Tara Williams, LPC, MCAP – A community therapist with experience in education and substance abuse.

What’s Included:

  • Practice exams
  • Flash card study system
  • Exam review
  • 50-state guide


  • $49.95
  • Lifetime use. No renewal fees. No time limit. Free updates.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or money back.

Get BOTH Formats Instantly:

  • Online—instant scoring, review, and reporting.
  • Printable eBook (PDF)—instant download.

Order or Try Now

To order: www.tests.com/NCMHCE-Counselor-Practice-Exam

Sample: www.tests.com/practice/NCMHCE-Counselor-Practice-Test

Dr. Arthur's Study Materials for the NCMHCE and NCE

Visit us: counselorexams.com.

NCMHCE: Arthur-Brende Scenario Simulator

Current exam format prep available, new fall format under development.

Questions about the pending new NCMHCE format? Call 888-326-9229 or email info@careertrain.com. Free sample: counselorexams.com/ncmhce/sample (No registration required.)

  • 36 tutorial scenarios
  • 10 practice exam scenarios
  • Phone consultation with Dr. Arthur
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Multiple package sizes to fit every budget
  • Virtual flashcards
  • NCMHCE Study Supplement includes:
    • DSM-5 disorders overview
    • Strategies for taking exam
    • Study tips
    • Techniques & application
    • Therapy terms
    • Instrumentation
    • Assessments/diagnoses
    • Treatments

"Without Dr. Arthur’s materials, there was no way that I would have passed one of the most important exams of my career. The sheer variety of practice scenarios and information gives you all that you need to get a real feel for how the NCMHCE is presented and the info that you need to know to pass.”
- Cyrus N.

NCE: Dr. Arthur's Study Guide for the NCE
  • Contains important CACREP Information
  • 1,100+ questions
  • Pre-assessment and practice exams with answers
  • Optional – two additional online practice exams
  • Virtual flashcards
  • Phone consultation with Dr. Arthur
  • Money-back guarantee

Publisher: Career Training Concepts, Inc.
Questions? Email:info@careertrain.com

Dr. Linton's New Narrative Exam Online Study Prep for the NCMHCE 7th Edition

  • Unlimited Online Access 24/7
  • Covers all CACREP Content Areas on Exam
  • 100+ Narratives
  • Full Length Practice Exams
  • Mini-Narratives
  • Narrative Mapping Learning Tool
  • Master Classes
  • Video Tutorials & Audio Recordings
  • Flash Cards
  • Worksheets
  • DSM-5 Comprehensive Review
  • Professional Practice and Ethics
  • Intake, Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Areas of Clinical Focus
  • Counseling Skills and Interventions
  • Core Counseling Attributes

Try our FREE Narratives and receive emails for a week at: CounselingExam.com

Also available: 600-page review of the new NCMHCE Narrative Exam in eBook and Paperback formats.

Complete set of CDs covering the NCMHCE Exam Topics.

Visit: CounselingExam.com or Call: (407) 463-4113 for more information

Dr. Linton's DSM-5 Online Study Prep for the NCE 7th Edition

  • Unlimited Online Access 24/7
  • Covers All CACREP Areas on Exam
  • Over 5,000 Multiple Choice Questions
  • Full Length Practice Exams
  • Missed Questions Databank
  • Strategies to Pass the Exam
  • Video Tutorials & Audio Recordings
  • DSM-5 Comprehensive Review
  • Master Classes
  • Matching Activities
  • Flash Cards
  • Learning Games
  • Personal Study Stats

Try our FREE practice exam and receive emails for a week at: NationalCounselingExam.com.

Also available: 630-page review of the NCE DSM-5 in eBook and Paperback formats.

Complete set of CDs covering the NCE Exam Topics.

Visit: NationalCounselingExam.com or Call: (407) 463-4113 for more information.

Mometrix Test Preparation Study Guides, Flashcards, and Online Course

Our NCE and NCMHCE products have helped thousands of students pass these exams. Some of our successful customers let us know they appreciated our:

  • Current, updated information
  • Convenient, organized format
  • Full-length practice tests
  • Informative answer explanations
  • Useful study techniques
  • Affordable pricing

NCE Online Review Course

  • Online lessons and flashcards
  • 1000+ practice questions
  • Instructional videos
  • Mobile friendly

NCE Products

Both products include access to our 200-question practice test with answer explanations.

NCMHCE Products

Both products include access to our 10 practice simulations with answer explanations.

Order directly from us and receive our No-Risk One-Year 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Website: www.mometrix.com
Phone: 1-800-673-8175
3827 Phelan #179
Beaumont, TX 77707

Includes DSM 5 and ACA Ethics!

All of Dr. Rosenthal's materials are lively, easy to understand, and actually make exam prep enjoyable.

* New 2017 Encyclopedia of Counseling, The Authentic Purple Book, 4th Edition. The best Encyclopedia ever with nearly 100 pages more than the previous edition. A publisher’s bestseller. Reads like a novel, imparts information like a postgraduate text. Loaded with memory devices. 762 pages, includes 1,100 tutorial questions/answers and new better than ever Super Review Boot Camp.

* 20 Audio CD Listen and Learn Vital Information and Review. Turns a traffic jam or day at the beach into a world-class learning experience. Totally different than the Encyclopedia. Upbeat presentations with alternative explanations cover all exam areas. Includes a test anxiety prevention CD, a last-minute super review boot camp CD, and hundreds of practice questions. Informative and extremely entertaining.

* Human Services Dictionary. A one-of-a-kind resource provides definitions purposely worded to help you tackle tough exam questions. The new 2nd edition has nearly 700 more exam terms than the original book!

* Membership in Dr. Rosenthal's exclusive Inner Circle.. Receive information and updates that might appear in future Rosenthal materials. Includes 130 never-before-published test hints and a special release limited edition comprehensive review of the new NCE domains.

Dr. Rosenthal's best Valedictorian Mastery Tool Kit can be purchased for under $185. Includes a risk reversal, better than money-back pass guarantee. Perfect for the NCC, CPCE, oral and written boards, and counseling comps.

Go to: howardrosenthal.com

Discover the New Clinical Mental Health Counselor Handbook & Study Guide, 3rd Edition, for the NCMHCE Licensing Exam which includes ExamAce, practice simulations.

Authored by Licensed Mental Health Counselors for all Professional Clinical Counselors. A premier program since 1995, PTI's package contains:

  • The Clinical Mental Health Counselor Handbook & Study Guide, 3rd edition, Copyright 2017, includes:
    • Twelve content review chapters covering ALL NCMHCE content domains.
    • Examples in each chapter analyzing how content is used on the NCMHCE.
    • Test-taking section that analyzes case simulations and builds critical skills for the exam format, applying diagnostic, treatment planning, and professional practice skills.
  • Online practice simulations (ExamAce) that realistically simulate the NCMHCE experience
    • Reports that identify your specific content area strengths and weaknesses.
    • Explanations for all answer choices.
  • 450 Flashcards that include DSM-5 diagnoses, evidence-based treatment planning, and all NCMHCE content domains, keyed to Study Guide Chapters.
  • Additional Innovative Study Aides:
    • Crossword Puzzles
    • Key Word Concepts
    • 10 steps to Diagnosis
    • 11-Step Case Analysis Model
    • Study Plans and Time Management Forms
  • Order your comprehensive PTI package online Today or CALL 1-888-201-1619.

Start studying with practice questions right away from the convenience of your phone. Pocket Prep provides a mobile study app for the National Counselor Examination and the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination.

Free to download. Accessible online at www.pocketprep.com and on mobile app via the App Store and the Google Play Store.

All study material comes with:

  • detailed answer explanations for every single question.
  • a detailed data dashboard showing your study progress.
  • a Weakest Subject study feature teaching you which area(s) needs more focus.
  • a Question of the Day study feature for regular and consistent studying.
  • a Build Your Own Quiz study feature.
  • the ability to study on multiple devices.

National Counselor Examination Study Prep

  • 500 practice study questions
  • 6 study subject areas

National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination Study Prep

  • 500 practice study questions
  • 6 study subject areas

Premium subscription pricing:

  • $19.99 / month
  • $47.99 / 3 months
  • $119.99 / year

Pocket Prep has been providing mobile study material since 2011. Our apps average a 4.8 out of 5.0 star rating from over 38,000 App Store reviews. Learn more at www.pocketprep.com.


NCEExamPrep seeks to provide quality, reliable, and easy-to-use preparation materials to help test-takers pass the National Counselor Examination with confidence.

Guaranteed Study Package: A product bundle complete with study manual and access to testing workshop videos and practice exams and Recommended Study Plan. Full money-back offer if the Recommended Study Plan is followed and you still do not pass.

FREE Success Roadmap: A 9-step plan to ensure you’ve covered all your bases as you prepare for test day.


  • Study Manual
    • Comprehensive, concise, material covering all eight of the CACREP content areas.
    • Printed, PDF, and audio versions available.
  • Workshop Videos & Practice Exams (1-, 7-, 30-, 60-, or 90-day unlimited access pass)
    • 4 hours of recorded content
    • 1.5 hours focused on Research & Statistics
    • Full-Length & Chapter Practice Exams Online
    • “Simulated Mode” just like the NCE
      • Timed, with 200 multiple-choice questions
      • Question distribution based on the new 2019 Work Domains
      • Ability to mark questions for review
    • Study Mode allows you to view answers as you go.
    • Scoring report provides Overall Score and Score by Work Domain, CACREP Content Area, and Study Manual Chapter. Report can be emailed to test-taker.

NCEExamPrep, info@nceexamprep.com

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