Understanding the NCC Application • The application is for the NCC certification and is governed by NBCC policies. • The student application is open for two years, and applicants have four opportunities within that two-year period to take and pass the exam; however, after three failed attempts, the application closes. • Once the application has been submitted, applicants have two years to submit a final, official transcript showing their degree conferral and date. • Students in CACREP-accredited programs become certified as soon as the final, official transcript has been received and verified. Common Issues with the Student NCC Application Process Many students do not understand that the NCC application is for the National Certified Counselor certification—many think they are simply taking the NCE or NCMHCE for licensure. This misperception causes issues later in the process, as their exam results are tied to the certification application. If they do not complete certification, the exam scores are invalidated. They need to understand the following important points: ƒ ƒ If they do not submit the transcript within the allowed time frame, their application closes and the exam scores are invalidated. They can reactivate the application for a fee as long as the passing exam score is less than 6 years old. continued... This document has been created to explain the common pitfalls, problems, misunderstandings, and issues that may be part of the NCC application process. We hope this information will help you to assist students more effectively.